Simple Present Tense Grammar Practise

Choose the best answer.

1.  I _______ to music every night.
    A  listen
    B  listens
    C  listened
    D  listening

2.  My younger brother _______ with grandparents.
    A  live
    B  lives
    C  is live
    D  living

3.  Ducks _______ beaks and webbed feet.
    A  has
    B  had
    C  have
    D  having

4.  The earth _______ around the sun.
    A  move
    B  moved
    C  moves 
    D  moving

5.  Bees _______ honey.
    A  make
    B  made
    C  makes  
    D  making

6.  Mr Ramu _______ newspapers to our house every morning.
    A  deliver
    B  delivers
    C  delivered
    D  delivering

7.  There _______ a butterfly on the sunflower.
    A  were
    B  are
    C  am
    D  is

8.  There _______ many people at the circus.
    A  was
    B  are
    C  am
    D  is

9.  _________ the windows.
    A  Shut
    B  Shuts
    C  Shutting

10. "Go and _______ up your room now," said mother.
     A  clean
     B  cleans
     C  cleaned
     D  cleaning

Answers : 
1.  A
2.  B
3.  C
4.  C
5.  A
6.  B
7.  D
8.  B
9.  A