Simple Past Tense

Simple Past Tense

1.Used to show an action that took place at a definite time in the past.

  1. I visited my grandparents last week.
  2. Did you watch 'Beauty and The Beast' last night?
  3. My mother did not go to market this morning.
  4. He met with an accident yesterday.
  5. This house was built a few years ago.
  6. Grace drank coffee last night.
  7. The little boy broke the teapot just now.

2.Used to show a past habit, usually with adverbs like 'always', 'often', 'never', etc.


  1. I often played with them when they lived next door.
  2. He always made fun of me when he was here.

3.Used in the 'If' clause of a conditional sentense to show an unlikely event.


  1. If she knew the answer, she would not ask you.
  2. What would you do if you met a tiger?

4.The passive form is used to show that the action was done to the subject and not by the subject.

Active    : They rewarded the boy for his bravery.
Passive  : The boy was rewarded for his bravery.

5.Used to replace the Simple Present Tense in Indirect Speech.


Direct     : He said, ''I understand what you mean.''
Indirect   : He said he understood what I meant.

Let's watch the following videos to practise Simple Past Tense.

Video 1

Video 2