Forming Simple Present Tense

To form the Simple Present Tense, we use the verb's base form (go, work, speak, study). In third person singular (he/she/ it), the base form of the verb takes -s/es. (Auxiliary verb "be", "do", "have", which can also be used as main verbs, are exceptions).

I always drink honey lemon juice.

The pupils make the face masks by themselves.

Yu Zhe learns to read newspaper.

A big tortoise crawls on the ground.

She has garlic bread and mushroom soup for breakfast.

Forming Present Continuous Tense

We make the Present Continuous Tense with the correct form of the verb to be (am/is/are) and the ing form of the main verb.

I am having my dinner now.

We are celebrating for our vacation.

The children are playing scorpions.

My nephew is laughing happily.

Three dophins are performing a nice show.